Food Twitter Poll

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream

By Cylee Drake

It is the age old question. Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream? Which is better? Which has more to offer? Well, the students at MCHS want their voices to be heard about what they have to say about this never ending debate.

The Twitter Poll results show that 64% of students prefer chocolate, while only 36% prefer vanilla.

Demi Meador commented, “With vanilla ice cream, you can add whatever flavors to it.”

Kaitlyn Davis added, “I like chocolate ice cream more. I like comparing how strong the chocolate is compared to other places. Like Sonic is super dull compared to Braums.”

Taylor Tyson stated, “If we’re being honest, birthday cake is the best way to go.”

Although the students at MCHS voted chocolate ice cream as their prefered option, the debate still continues among many.

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