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Meeting the Class of 2023

By Sophia Jaquez

This past week all the 8th graders of McDonald County participated in an annual school activity knows as “8th Grade Tours”. Every year at the beginning of second semester, 8th graders from around the county come to the high school for a tour of all the different clubs and organizations available to them at the high school.

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It doesn’t matter what middle school you come from because once you get to the high school you are a Proud Mustang!

This year I had the pleasure of helping out, and after the two days of tours, here’s what I’ve gathered about the class of 2023.

1. They are definitely excited for electives.

While there were a couple kids who didn’t know exactly what classes they wanted to take, there were also a lot of kids who can’t wait to be a part of eSports, MC Pom, and International Club, just to name a few.

Freshman looking through the course catalog for the first time.

2. They love the vending machines.

You might have noticed that the vending machines seemed a little bare. That was due to all the soon to be freshmen discovering the wide selection of snacks available here at the high school.

Loving the vending machines is a right of passage for high schoolers.

3. They can’t wait to meet new people.

They’re all nervous to be mixed in with the mass of students in this school, especially at lunch and in the halls, but most students seem to be looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. One 8th grader we talked to even admitted to being specifically excited about all the new girls he’ll meet in high school, and I’m sure he’s not alone.

The start of high school is a new season of your life that’s sure to include lots of new and interesting characters!

4. They don’t understand block scheduling.

Right now the 8th graders have eight classes a day and have been used to that for their whole school career, so I can understand why they were confused about block scheduling. After preaching to them about how much better having four classes a day, Monday through Thursday, and eight classes on Friday is, I could tell by the looks on their faces that they may not be looking forward to a confusing change that big.

If you’re an 8th grader reading this now, know that you are going to enjoy LOVE block scheduling and loathe the semesters you spent with 8 classes a day.

Yodeling Kid probably likes block scheduling.

5. They’re going through the same emotions we went through.

Everyone likes to compare the differences between their freshman year class and the new freshman class, but in doing so, we tend to skip over the things we have in common. Everyone, even if they don’t want to admit it, was terrified of their first day of high school.

I know that we are in second semester and that all of this year’s freshman have pretty much settled into high school life, but it’s still important to remember your feelings about your freshman year. Too often I see and hear people hate on freshman for just doing things that confused freshman do, and instead of helping them out, they choose to laugh. Somebody once said “Be who you needed when you were younger”, and I think we can all apply this in high school. Even though it’s super easy to make jokes about “dumb freshman”, I think that next school year we should all try to be nicer and help them the way we would have wanted to be helped during our first year of high school.

Classes 2020-2023 next year 🙂


  1. i love this it is sow funny and i love the memes that you put Sophia that was the best part and i am one of you`re moms students.


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