Student Life Teacher Spotlight

Mock Congressional Hearings

By Amberly DuMond

Mr. Holtz is known for being creative and trying to make his classes fu, which makes information really stick for the students.

Mr. Holtz rehearsing script before the Mock Hearing.

For a project, he decided to get his AP Gov classes involved in reading articles and watching videos of a congressional hearing from 9/11 to understand how they work behind the scenes but also where the questions might come from.

Most students were nervous about this as it DID sound like an intimidating project. However, according to Kelli Brennand, the project was super informative.

“I was surprised about how interesting it was to be apart of,” Kelli said. “I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if I was writing a paper.”

Kelli was an FBI agent. In her classes hearings she was able to answer questions to why the 9/11 attack happened and how to be prepared.

Allison Nicoletti giving the opening speech as chairman.

Mr. Holtz has said sometimes they get a little heated; however, it’s also good critical thinking and gives students their own perspective and freedom to really explore and learn about the government.

More prep before the hearing!

Sammi Dowd said, “I would do something like this again, it was a lot of fun.”

Many students agreed with this statement and others who were off the stage in the crowd seemed to be excited to see Mr. Holtz do this in future classes. Some even asked questions about when they could also take his AP Government class!

The classes coming in to watch R2’s Mock Congressional Hearing.

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