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The Cats of MCHS

By Cooper Lowery, Sierra Sayers, and Reagen DeSpain

Cats are annoying but they are cute. Here’s some wonderful kitties that belong to the students of MCHS.

“My cat smudge is my favorite cat. He is a ragdoll cat, which is a type of breed. His personality is very unique. He likes to play fetch, which I guess is a crazy cat story. I love him to pieces.”  – Cooper Lowery

This is Smudge.

“My cat Bono charges at me when he’s mad and when I tell him to stop it, he’ll talk back to me and pretend to walk away before turning around and attacking me again.” – Gracie White

This is Bono

“I thought my cat was a girl for a couple of weeks. Turns out it’s a boy.” – Juliana Angeles

Apparently, this is a boy cat not a girl.

My cat likes to wait on the top of my table for my dog to walk by to attack her. -Kaylee Wilson

The dog attacker

My cat swims in the toilet. -Reagen DeSpain

The toilet swimmer

My cat thinks her tail is a worm, and she chases it all the time. The funniest thing about it is she’s really fat, and she ends up just kind of rolling around. – Sierra Sayers

The tail chaser

 My cat likes his butt spanked. -Hunter Roark

Even though they are a pain in our you know what’s, they’re still our babies.

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