Sports Track

The Start of the Track Season

By Caitlyn Crosby and Yocellin Quintero

The track season has started, and students and coaches are getting excited and ready to compete in their first meet. Many students are starting to decide whether or not they want to join. A lot of students are scared, but everyone gets nervous and track is nothing to be afraid of. There are lots of events you can be in, and there is definitely something for everyone like long distance running, sprinting, relay races, hurdling, long jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin, and discus throwing.

At MCHS, the head coaches for track and field are Coach Whitehead and Coach Stancell. The coaches are expecting around 100 students to join from the high school in the first week and about the same in Jr. High.

Track starts on February 25th, and it will end somewhere between the first and last week of May. If the athletes make it to state, it could potentially end the last week of May. In one meet, an athlete is able to compete in 1-4 events.

All-State track athlete Peyton Barton finished 5th last year at State.

“I would like to see the athletes get better and try their best to compete with other schools and athletes the best that they can,” Coach Whitehead said. “The biggest lesson is that anyone can be athletic if they try to be athletic, track is a sport for everyone. There’s no one out there that can’t come out and find a place on the track team.”

Coach Stancell said, “I want the athletes to learn perseverance and patience. If the athletes have perseverance and are patient and they listen they will achieve their end result. If they come into it too eager they might not see immediate results and sometimes they fail. The best athletes are honest and are hard working and don’t take short cuts.”

Coach Stancell and Coach Whitehead


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