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eSports Q&A with JJ

By Cooper Lowery

How did this club start up?

(J.J. Richards) – This club started up last year, and I know that it started because of Jacob Cooper. He was a senior last year, and he was looking for another teacher to sponsor it with Douglas. (My dad) Mr.Richards came last year, so they’ve been working together with eSports.

This is JJ

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free to play Moba, which means it is a top down view were each game is a round. Throughout the round, you get stronger, and when you finally lose or win, it resets back from where you were before.

Is playing with the team fun?

Playing with the team on League of legends is better than playing by yourself.

Through the first Two years of this club, how has the team evolved?

I feel like we got some more people who are on the varsity team who want to become better players. They weren’t stuck at the mindset of “I’m the best”, and this is the best that I can be, and the best I’m going to be forever.” Instead, we got people that say “I’m not that good, but I can get better.” And they have gotten better.

What role do you play most in League of Legends?

I play bottom lane AD Carry, which means that I am the one that is suppose to build attack damage and suppose to carry the game, but due to recent updates, it’s been pretty hard to carry as an ADC.

Do you play other games besides League of Legends?

Yes, I play Minecraft and a lot of Monster Hunter World, which is another co-op game and requires a lot of communication between the people playing.

Is there a future (after 2 years) for this club?

I feel like technology and eSports is becoming a bigger thing, and as it becomes bigger and better, so will this club.

Do you see yourself going to college to play for a college team?

Yes, I do see myself going there, but for now I don’t have a college in mind. I heard that MSU has an eSports club, but it’s not competitive as of this year.

Out of 10, how much do you like League of Legends?

It really depends on the game. There are games where I just want to uninstall the game, and then there are some games where I’m like 5 seconds later queuing up again. It’s a game that rides a lot on emotion and how you’re feeling that day and like where your energy level is at. if you’re playing by yourself, it’s not that fun. You’re just getting mad at yourself. If you’re playing with friends, you can be angry at each other and mess around a bit. It just makes the game fun.

How does being on the team make you feel?

It’s been a great time with them, and I’m going to miss these guys when I graduate.

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