By Marshall Foreman

Eli Foreman is a 14 month old Yellow Labrador who is full of endless energy. Eli enjoys chewing on socks, playing fetch, swimming, and peeing on my bed.

Eli attacking the water.

While I’m busy at school, Eli’s seemingly unlikely friend, Earl keeps him company. Earl and Eli sleep together at night and keep each other warm and comfortable. They even sometimes play together, despite their obvious differences.

Eli and his best friend Earl.

During the Summer, Eli enjoys going to the river, the dog park, and anywhere he can. He’s a smart dog and can do various tricks such as sit, stay, fetch, and catch a treat off of his nose. Although he is trick savvy, he still has that puppy instinct– chewing on socks.

Eli with his favorite ball.

Even though he can get crazy sometimes, life without Eli just wouldn’t be quite the same.


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