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Leo’s Journey

By Hannah Huber

The corner between McDonald’s and Walmart, in a small cardboard box: This is where Leo Huber’s story began. Alongside his 7 brothers and sisters, Leo stuck out as the runt of the litter. This was no bother to us as we took him home without hesitation. Not long after, he became an important member of the family, and now we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

Leo taking a ride in the kayak, styling a red bandanna.

Leo has been on many adventures with us. He loves taking dirt road rides, kayaking, exploring every area he visits, and he has even been on a trip to Colorado with us.

Leo and I in Colorado. He’s styling a red and grey hat and a black vest.

Leo’s favorite activities include playing tug of war, taking car rides, going to the dog park and meeting new people, chasing the green laser, and waiting for us to get home every day. His favorite foods are bacon, ham, and french fries. He dislikes spaghetti, ketchup, and carrots. 

Majestic photo of Leo.

Leo may almost be 5 years old, but his personality is still as full and outgoing as it was when he was a puppy, and we all love him just the same.


  1. It is a very sweet story Leo seems like a good dog. I like how he was taken into the family and they took care of him. Sadly not all of the dogs that find owners like that don’t get homes that take care of them. I also like how you treat him like family.


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