New Field Brings Big Improvements

By Yocellin Quintero and Caityn Crosby

This year our school decided it was time for a big change. After many years of no fixes or turf, they thought it would be a good idea to get a whole new football field. With the help of the athletic director from our school, Coach Bergen, they built a brand new field with new turf and new improvements to the track.

Drone photos courtesy of Mr. Richards

They started making the field in September, and it took about three and a half months to finish. The longest process of building the field was the dirt process. The old football field had a huge crown, so they had to take off a lot of dirt to make it flat. Then they rolled off turf, put decorations on it, like paint, and put rubber fill on top.

The new and improved football field is not only good for football, but its good for a lot of sports and events too like soccer and track. The new turf is way more durable than grass. The turf will be good when it rains because if the other fields get muddy and slippery, they can go down to the turf. For track, they built new long and triple jump pits that have greatly improved practice and meet efficiency. Also, the new turf has made the high jump safer because the high jump had previously been surrounded by gravel.

Coach Bergen helped lead the field improvements.

The new football field looks super good, and we know the football players can not wait to practice and play on it. They are super excited about the new field and can’t wait for all the sports to try it out as well.

Coach Bergen said, “I hope the new field will provide a boost in morale for the community. It’s really something to be proud of. I hope it also gets more kids out to play sports, especially football, soccer, and track.”


  1. I agree that the field looks so much better with the turf and will be more efficient to all the sports that are played on it. Not only do the football players have a better field but it gets the soccer players off of the grass and hard dirt. With this field maybe more supporters will come and cheer on these teams.


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