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Are Crocs Fashionable?

by Cylee Drake

Crocs. Not short for crocodiles. These plastic clogs were “popular” among many of highschool growing up. Nearly everyone had a pair. We decorated them with little pins, trading them on the playground. Crocs WERE as popular as the Chacos of today. Shockingly, they have made a comeback. Does this mean they are fashionable again? The students at MCHS voted and the results are in. So, are Crocs Fashionable?

They even have fluffy interiors now.

The answer is not really.

Roughly, 63% of students believe they are not fashionable. They do not appreciated the hole filled plastic footwear. Some say, “They are like tires for your feet: bumpy and needing a change.”

They come in different colors too.

The others 37% argue, “Crocs are the new UGGs.” Rapper Post Malone is even following the new trend of Crocs, creating his own type in the process.

Posty’s new shoes.

This collaboration has cause an uprising within the Croc fan club with more and more young adults wearing their once shameful shoes in public.

Ooooo, how sleek!

What are the limits? What will be next? Ariana Grande coming out with a new line of cowboy boot sneakers? Beyonce showing up with Gucci toe-sock-shoes? There is no telling what the future for our feet will look like.

For those cowboys who ball.


  1. I love how you showed actual percentages of whether or not they’re fashionable. Personally think there ugly and do not warm your feet.


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