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Artist Spotlight: Makayla Stone

By Allie Jackson

Artist spotlights are perhaps the greatest articles to write. Not only do I get to learn more about the artist themselves, but I get to see what makes their art and character so beautifully unique. I am excited about this particular spotlight because this artist is a girl of few words. Makayla Stone, a junior this year at MCHS, expresses herself not necessarily through words but through art. After learning a bit about Makayla, I realized that she has a wonderful gift that needs to be recognized, so read on to see how Makayla speaks through her art.


Recently, Makayla won gold at a Scholastic Art Competition for the Missouri region. Her piece titled Ghost in the Machine moved on nationally where it earned silver.

When asked about the piece, Makayla stated, “This piece was made last summer, between sophomore and junior year. It is a print, I mainly used two processes screen print (which is using a screen that looks kind of like the screen outside your window, and making a stencil out of it) and dry-point (taking plastic or metal and carving it, and putting it in a printing press, kind of like an intricate, shallow, stamp) . I did these processes several times to layer. I used a dryf-point plate (or “stamp”) about 4 times to get the background, and then I used 3 different screens (or “stencils”), one for the morse code in the background, one for the text, and one for the girl (which I used three times on top of each other), I went over this piece about 9 times.”

For Makayla, her inspiration changes from piece to piece. “Sometimes I’ll just be looking around and an idea will hit me, other times I have to follow a prompt,” says Makayla,”or I’ll really like something and want to emulate or mimic it.”

After HS, Makayla ideally wants to find a career that allows her to create. She would love to become a Master Printmaker, but she knows that art may not be the most practical career and has considered other careers.

“Whatever I do, I want to incorporate drawing,  painting, or printmaking.”                                                                                                                                                         


Although she says very little, Makayla’s art speaks loudly. She is wonderfully creative and is an overall great kid. Below are some of her other prints and drawings, and if you are interested in printmaking, talk to Makayla, she’s pretty good at it. 

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