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Kahoot v Quizlet

by Cylee Drake

In this day and age, students will do just about anything to pass a test. Some students find studying hard so they resort to games like Kahoot and Quizlet. However, this has caused a divide among students. Some students believe Kahoot reins superior, while others believe Quizlet takes the cake. It is time to put an end to this chaotic debate. So, what do the students at MCHS believe is better: Kahoot or Quizlet? Let the games begin.

The classical form of online question and answer has been around since early 2013, and it quite popular among high schools, so it is not shocking that Kahoot came in at 73%.

Now although Quizlet has been on the rise recently, it only came in with 27% of the votes. It is said that it’s format is too plain when compared to Kahoot.

Julia Gillean commented, “I like to study with quizlet more because it gives you access to more study tools like flashcards, practice tests, and matching games.”

Joslyn Banta stated, “I like Kahoot more because I have never really played with quizlet, but I enjoy the fun music and pictures that come with Kahoot.”

Brooke Cooper countered with, “Quizlet because I can put exactly what I want/need to know for my test or homework and I don’t have to worry about Kahoot freezing up on screen. I’m also a sore loser, so I don’t like losing at Kahoot.”

Allyson Dill added, “Kahoot is more interactive and fun to do. I also feel like I end up learning more, rather than when I do things on Quizlet.”

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