Arts & Culture Student Life

Freshman Fears

By  Kodie Leonard & Daneida Morales

Leaving behind your junior high, and becoming a freshman in high school (with its much bigger, crowded, and loud environment) can seem very scary.  We set out to ask freshman about their fears of high school and what they are most excited for. 

What did you expect was gonna happen when you got to high school?

Piper Sileester:  “I thought someone was going to beat me up.”

Monica Ruiz: “ I thought it was going to be harder.”

Dalton McClain: “I thought I was going to get lost.”

Maggie Pratt: “I thought of high school has having crowded hallways and it was going to be hard remembering to do your homework by the next block.”

Blaine Ortiz: “I thought it was going to be hard.”

What is your favorite thing about high school so far?

Piper: “Making friends”

Monica: “The freedom of not being stuck in one classroom all day.”

Dalton: “The different blocks”

Maggie: “I like block scheduling instead of hours.”

Blaine:  “Knowing a lot of people and getting to see kids from other places.”

What do you find difficult in high school?

Piper: “Graduating”

Monica: “There’s more homework and more responsibility.”

Dalton: “Having harder classes.”

Maggie: “Having to be more independent.”

Blaine: “Understanding Spanish class”

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