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Music’s Impact

By Madelyn Hatfield

Music is everywhere. We hear it on the street, in elevators, at school and work, and the majority of people will listen to music in their free time. All types of genres, artists and messages are being shared with the world. For a long time, different genres have been labeled as good and bad, and everybody has an opinion to share. Should we really be concerned about different genres of music’s impact on society?

Studies have shown that sad songs do not necessarily have a negative impact on our brain. In reality, people actually are using sad music to use as an outlet. For some people, sad music gives people an outlet to take their pain from an internal form, to an external form. It also gives people a relieved feeling to know that there are others in the world who are also dealing with the same pain. Different genres can produce the same feeling. So, happy or sad, it won’t ruin society. 

Heavy metal was labelled as the “oddball” of music because of its loud noises and crazy morals, but many people enjoy heavy metal. After doing some research, I found that there have been experiments showing that metal was leaving a change in behavior. Mostly, the behavioral changes were shown as the person not wanting to follow the being drawn to follow the rules as much. Although after looking into it more, there were also researchers saying that this was false, and that regular listeners responded equally to violent imagery as non-listeners. In fact, it even said that heavy metal was helping people and even making them happier, just as sad music was.

Freshman Morgan Permian feels like music has a positive impact on her.

“I prefer hard rock and alternative,” Morgan said, “I do believe that music affects me. When I listen to my music it makes me feel more jumpy, but it also affects the way that I look at others and what they say to me.”

Morgan believes music is important part of the world.

“Yes, it’s important because I think people can become depressed because of it, but they can also see the bright side of things with music. It mainly depends on who you are as a person.”

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