Arts & Culture Student Life

Stepping into MCHS

By Phoebe Rhamy & Autumn Branson

Living in a small town, it’s easy for us to forget about what life is like outside of this place and all of the people in it. McDonald County High School is a place where each student comes to find equality, support and companionship among other students and staff. Digging into the life of MCHS, students and teachers alike, we’ve found that McDonald County High School is a mixture of calm and chaos all built into one. 

High school isn’t all about the tests you take and the grades you have, high school is really about finding yourself. High school should be more than just sitting at a desk waiting for 3:10 to hit. There’s a place for everyone here. Finding a place with a group of friends you can call family is what high school is. 

High school can be the best or worst years for you and it’s really all about what you make of it. It’s branching out and becoming a new, better version of yourself. Getting into clubs, groups, teams etc. and doing things you never expected yourself to do is a good way to have the best high school experience. 

“Coming into high school I really didn’t know what I wanted to be apart of until I heard about the Ag program. Joining Ag has made me a better leader and taught me a lot of responsibility. It’s given me a lot of opportunities.”

– Carson Hoth 

Looking at ourselves we see all the things we don’t have or all the things we can’t do, but from the outside looking in, nobody looks at you and sees that. We’ve created a standard for ourselves inside of our heads and when we don’t meet that standard we feel as if we don’t belong, but we do. Nobody else knows the standard we’ve set for ourselves or looks at us and automatically sees the price tag on our clothing.

“It doesn’t matter what you wear, or what you drive, or how much money you have. We look at it at face value. We’re doing the same thing so we’re friends, we’re on the same team.”

-Mr. Wilkie 

However, things aren’t always perfect, and that’s okay. Regardless of all the great things MCHS has to offer, it’s still high school, and there’s still a lot of issues to be resolved. Social equality is an issue that’s been faced for many years all around the world and this is the scoop on the social inequalities of McDonald County High School. 

It’s important that people feel comfortable to be whoever they want to be, but we also need to have certain boundaries at certain places, so it’s pretty controversial to say we should be whoever we want to all the time. We should have the rights to our own opinions and be able to be heard while still remaining respectful to our surroundings, so sometimes change is necessary. Sometimes we have to change for our surroundings but the issue is that we aren’t changing for our surroundings, we’re changing for other people. High school is about finding the crowd you feel like you don’t have to be different for.

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