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Didaskaleinophobia, the Fear of School

By  Decklynn Johnston

Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of or going to school. It’s more common in the 4-6 age group, but there are people that are older that can have it too. Even when someone isn’t necessarily afraid of school itself, they can be afraid of something at school.

When asked what she was afraid of at school, Avoleen Joseph, a freshman at McDonald County High School, replied, “Failing, because I already have my goals set and I want to be able to graduate with above average grades.”

Just like other phobias and fears, there are causes as to why people have them.

“I think my fear of failing came from watching my sisters fail, and seeing how badly they wanted to go back and fix everything.” 

There are ways to overcome didaskaleinophobia. Some include therapy, hypnotherapy, and in some cases (only extreme ones), medication will be prescribed. However, sometimes you can find other ways to overcome your fears.

A senior here at McDonald County High School named Sierra Sayers said, “My main fear in school is graduating. I’m just kind of scared to leave, I guess. I’ve been doing school my whole life, I’m nervous about doing anything else. Every teacher will ask you what you plan to do in the future. It just freaks me out because, honestly, I don’t have one and I’m running out of time. To overcome it, I guess I could just stop procrastinating and overthinking about my future.” 

Didaskaleinophobics usually think of school in general as a place where they aren’t safe, or they associate it with an unfamiliar and humiliating environment.

When asked about how she felt about school in general, Avoleen responds by saying, “I don’t really care about school. I only come here to make my parents proud.” However, Sierra had a different answer, “In general, it’s great. I love school.” According to, children that suffer from didaskaleinophobia usually have separation anxiety. They will make up excuses as to why they shouldn’t go to school, such as a feigned sickness. 

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