Weird Pet Habits

By Lily Ward

People catch their pets doing weird things all the time. All pets have different personalities so that means they will do weird entertaining stuff. I asked 10 students from MCHS a weird habit of their pets, and these are my results.

My dog Ranger likes to punch people.

– Samantha Bogart
Ranger Bogart

My cat Bandit eats pipe cleaners.

– Brenna Jensen
Bandit Jensen

My dog Sapphira barks at sticks.

– Kyle Hairl Killion
Sapphira Hairl Killion

My dog Sassy rolls over bugs to kill them.

– Kaitlyn Epling
Sassy Epling

If you’re gone for too long my cat Nebisko will lunge at you when you get back.

– Kayea Howell
Nebisko Howell

My dog will lay on his back and kick his legs at you.

– Kaydience Richie
Diesel Richie

My dog Pebbles will sit on my dog Pepper.

– Tammy Cox
Pebbles and Pepper Cox

My cat Amy will make a half purr half squeak noise instead of meowing and will try to have a conversation with you.

– Remy Grover
Amy Grover

My mini pig Bacon Bits will play fetch like a dog.

– Wyatt Fausset
Bacon Bits Fausset

My dog Rosie is scared of the dark and will freak out if it’s dark outside.

– Heather Farnum
Rosie Farnum

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