Arts & Culture Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Smith

By Hailey Staib

I sat down with high school art teacher Mrs. Smith to get the main scoop on her job and her lifestyle. She was very open with her responses (And might I just add what a marvelous teacher she is).  Mrs. Smith teaches Art 1, Art 2, Photography, and 2-D Art here at the high school.  

Mrs. Smith showing her students what colors go good together.
Q: What’s your favorite part of teaching at MCHS?

(Mrs Smith) “My fabulous art students.” 

If you could teach a different subject would you? What subject would you teach?

“Maybe, maybe I might. I’m eligible to teach a 9th grade math class.”

What’s your favorite class period? 

“B2 Photography, also B3.”

How many years did you go to school before becoming a teacher?

“I had 200 college hours. I have a degree in art, teaching art. I am a semester away from having my accounting degree, and I went to Texas for two years to attain an architecture degree.”

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy your job?

“A 10 for sure, but it depends on what day you ask.” 

Strike a pose!
How did you know you wanted to teach art?

“I have loved art since I was a little girl.”

Questions Unrelated to School

Do you have any pets? 

“Yes! Two dogs, Dalton and Harry.”

Do you have any hobbies besides art? 

“I like to travel to Mexico and go see Dwight Yoakam in concert!”

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? 

“I would purchase a new car, or I would travel. Mountains are a no go for me after what happened on vacation this year.”

If you had a superpower what would it be?

“I would want to be able to disappear or change locations.”


“I’m very easily distracted. Also, I could get away from the mountain roads.”

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