Video Games

eSports at MCHS

By Elijah Habert

eSports is a competitive group McDonald County has recently added that is built around those passionate about gaming and is available to any student at MCHS. With just a small fee, anyone can join and participate in any event and competition the group participates in.  Although our school is fairly new to the eSports scene, we already have tons of games and are open to adding more in the future. eSports is enjoyed by many after school and involves many vastly different games and opportunities for each individual. 

One of the many games that you can compete in.

In eSports, you can play your favorite games and learn how to play competitively, with a team, and what you need to practice to perfect your skills. Sampson Boles and Cade Smith are two of this year’s new members that play Fortnite together as a duo team.

“I get to compete at a high level but also enjoy playing video games with my homie. ” Cade Smith said. “We join a public squads match as a duo and just push everybody. Playing aggressively is everything when it comes to getting better.”

According to Cade and Sampson, they try to practice at least a few days a week, and practice from home. For anyone else interested in joining, Sampson says go for it.

Have you ever heard of this game?

“If you play videogames at home, you might as well join.” Sampson said. “You can practice at home, but the perks of joining are competing against other schools and even scholarship opportunities.”

eSports is a group anyone can join and enjoy because it’s so personal. Each member of the group has their own experience custom to what they enjoy and where their talents are for the most personal experience. Anyone interested in the group can talk to Mr. Douglas or any eSports member for information and upcoming events.

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