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The New Attendance Policy

By Kodie Leonard and Daneida Morales

For the people that plan on not taking finals, you need to listen up. Over the summer, the school improved the attendance policy for finals. Here is Mr. Gordon answering some questions and talking more about the policy.

(Question) What are the changes of the attendance?

(Mr. Gordon) – “Last year the attendance policy was that if you did not miss any days you did not have to take finals. They wanted to change the policy because once the students misses a day and they have to take finals, they did not care if they missed anymore. Now, if you have an A, you can miss up to two days. If you have a B, you can miss one day, and if you have a C, you have to have perfect attendance in order to not take finals.”

Mr. Gordon in his natural habitat
What are the reasons that they changed the attendance policy?

“We changed the policy to give students more hope and motivate them to come to school more.”

Why is this new policy more effective than the old policy?

“The state wants 90% of the students in school. If we give the students this leeway, we have a greater increase on our schools attendance.”

A Student’s Perspective

We also talked with senior MHCS student Alexia Estrada for the student’s perspective of the new policy.

Alexia Estrada our senior student at MCHS!!!
(Question) How do you feel about the new attendance policy?

(Alexia) “It’s a new change to your school. It is a way for me to come to school and keep my grades up without having to worry about my finals. For me, finals always stress me out, and this way it will put a little less stress on me.”

What do you think are the pros and cons?           

“The pros are keeping your grades up and students having more motivation to come to school. It is also more lenient for the students. The cons are people taking advantage of the new policy and getting behind in classes.”

Spread the word. New attendance policy for finals week at MCHS

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