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Game Spotlight: Magic the Gathering

By Kiara Rogers

Magic the Gathering is one of the oldest card games ever. This game was created in 1993, by Richard Garfield and Mike Elliot these two created such an intense and addicting game. Magic cards can come in eleven different languages. In order for Wizards of the Coast to print magic cards in that many different languages, they have to have an extensive network and translators.

Yawgmoth’s Agenda

Most of the time they do an amazing job of printing the cards out, but sometimes there is a miscommunication and we end up with some funny results. This is one of the funniest cards that was made by a miscommunication. It was Yawgmoth’s agenda from invasion. The original name in Japanese for this card should be translated as “Yawgmoth’s Day Planner.”  

A number of years ago, Wizards of the Coast decided that magic cards needed their own font. They even hired a professional font maker and the font maker spent months fine-tuning the perfect font for the cards. The font was finally done, as you know every font has its own unique name. Wizards of the Coast came up Beleren, which is the name of a popular planeswalker, Jace Beleren.

There are five colors to the game, there is red, bue, black, green, and white. Each color has weakness and strength depening on how well you know that color. Red is mountain and deals with being in power. White is plains and deals with protection and defense. Blue is islands and deals with trickery. Black is swamp and deals with sacrifice. Green is forest and deals with strength. Now one color  might seem better than the other, but if you know how to use one certain color, you are more likely to win the battle because you know the colors weaknesses and strengths.

There are 6 different types of cards, you got sorceries, instants, mana (land), artifacts, creatures, enchantments. Each of these have different powers within each group, within each group every card has individual powers. Mana (Land) this is the primary source card of the game, they will be used to cast or activate abilities. Each basic land makes one mana of a particular color. Plains make white mana

Creatures fight for you. They can attack during the combat phase of your turn and block during the combat phase of an opponent’s turn. You can cast a creature as a spell during your main phase, and it remains on the battlefield as a permanent. Creatures enter the battlefield with “summoning sickness,” which means that a creature you control can’t attack (or use an ability that has in its cost) until it starts your turn under your control. You can block with a creature no matter how long it’s been on the battlefield. 

Artifacts are cards that have a machine or a magical ability. Like creatures, you can cast this spell during your phase. Artifacts will remain on the battlefield unless destroyed, sacrificed, exiled or otherwise removed from the battlefield. Most artifacts are colorless which means you can use any colored mana to cast an artifact.

Enchantments have the power to affect the game as long as the enchantment is still on the battlefield. Instants are a spell that can be cast during any of your opponents turns and can be cast during our turn as well. Sorceries are spells that you can cast only during a main phase of your turn. They have a one-time effect. You do what the spell says, and then put the card into your graveyard. Mana cost is how you have the ability to cast a spell, all spell cards have a mana cost in the upper right corner. Serra Angel’s mana cost means that you must pay three mana of any kind plus two white mana to cast it.

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