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Teacher Athletes

By Alexia Estrada

At the high school, you might not know that we have many teachers and coaches that were once athletes just like you. During their time as athletes in high school and in college, they learned a lot of valuable lessons that many of our students who aren’t sure whether to play sports should hear. Here is just some of what they learned from sports:

Coach Delatorre played soccer.

Coach Delatorre (Soccer) 

Sports give you relationship skills that are irreplaceable. Learning how to be a team player, learning how to communicate with authority figures, as well as teammates/colleagues is a skill set I am thankful to have learned through sports.

– Coach Delatorre
Coach Bergen played baseball and basketball.

Coach Bergen (Baseball, Basketball)

Sports have gotten me to where I am right now. I was fortunate enough to play in college, and I finished four years in college as well. It wasn’t always easy; there were a lot of times I wanted to quit, but my parents raised me to be a person that once you commit to something then you finish it out. If I had not finished and been committed to playing baseball my whole college career, I don’t think I would have been able to start coaching, and I definitely don’t think I would have been able to get into education and become an athletic director. The values that I learned through sports I take with me in everyday life. 

– Coach Bergen
Coach Grab played volleyball and also competed in rodeos.

Coach Grab (Volleyball, Rodeo)

Sports were how I learned how to deal with adversity, overcome struggle, and how to become a leader. I developed a lot of mental strength through sports. So whenever I have a tough situation whether it’s at work, home, or personal life, that’s something I can face because of sports. 

– Coach Grab
Mr. Gordon played football and baseball.

Mr. Gordon (Football, Baseball) 

The team side of things made me realize that there are things bigger than myself. Everyone is different, but we can all have the same goal. 

– Mr. Gordon
Mr. Brady was a three sport athlete.

Mr. Brady (Football, Track, Wrestling)

Working with teammates to try to achieve a common goal is really what you do in the workforce everyday. Even in the office, you’re working together and helping each other out and ultimately working towards the same goal. 

– Mr. Brady
Coach Burgi played football and baseball

Coach Burgi (football, baseball)

Well for me, sports did two things.  It taught me the value of work ethic and toughness. It also gave me more opportunities for education after high school.

– Coach Burgi

Coach Whitehead (Track, Cross Country)

Coach Whitehead ran track and cross country.

I learned discipline. When I was in high school, I had to wake up early and eat right. Now as an adult, I constantly lean on those experiences to make smart and healthy choices.

– Coach Whitehead

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