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Books That Changed My Life

By Chyenne Scates

I have read many books in my life, from Skippy John Jones to The Hunger Games (five times). Throughout my life at MCHS, I have read some life changing stories and talked about them with both teachers and students alike. Here are some of those stories:


For this one, it is different. Not just Identical, but all of Ellen Hopkins’ books are amazing. She talks about real-life and current struggles, mostly facing our young adult nation. Identical, specifically, is about a girl and her twin sister and how they are polar opposites. Now, I have a twin, but you can have siblings younger or older than you and still be touched by these girls’ struggles. 

Brave New World

Now you will likely read this one your junior year, so I will not talk about its contents, exactly. I will tell you that it is, in it’s own way, frightening. It is futuristic, but in a way, it still hits home. In this book, you will learn just how scary the world could and may just be already. Brittaney Mann, a senior, says that Brave New World helped her, “Reflect more on our society and how we mimic some of the world in the book.”

The Great Gatsby

You will also read this as a junior. It is set in the 1920s and all about love and how it can have its ups and downs. While reading it, some of you may see yourselves in it, and it may just change how you see things. It definitely is a good one to read as a teenager who is still learning the ropes of the romantic world. Sierra Wilson, an MCHS honors graduate, says that The Great Gatsby teaches you that, “Money can not buy you love, friends, or happiness.” and, “Physical beauty is not the best trait about someone.” She tells us, “Being rich with money does not mean your life is rich.”

This Raging Light

This book was on the gateway list in 2017, but I was attracted to it before this year. It is amazing and about a high school girl who tries living on her own with her younger sibling, without being caught. I am the oldest, so I feel a connection with trying to keep my younger siblings safe, and others may feel this way as well.

All The Bright Places

This is the only one that has touched me without feeling like it was personal. It is about a straight “A” high school girl and a delinquent boy and their adventure through something a little like friendship. It just shows that people do not have to stick with their cliques for relationships.

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