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Food Judging for Class

By Amber Scates

Writers know the importance of using descriptive words in their work. You should be able to see the setting in your mind, hear the sounds and even taste what one can taste in the story. This is exactly what Mrs. Toomoth’s Creative Writing class is working on, which is why they were asked to judge the food made by Mrs. Strader’s Pro Start Two.

Some Creative Writing students while judging the Pro Start students food. From left to right: Caitlin Lee, Zoe Sebastian, Leandra Toomoth, Gracie Brown, Sierra Sayers. 

The Pro Start Two class was learning about food presentation and that is what they were being judged on. How well the flavors mixed, the colors used, and how even the portions of the food were are just some of the things they were being judged on. The three foods they were judging all had bread with a cream cheese topping of their choosing. Kitchen Six had a slice of bread with cream cheese and a strawberry garnish on top and berries on the side. Kitchen Five had a cheese and cream cheese mixture on a slice of bread, garnished with diced bell peppers. The last one was Kitchen Two who received the highest rating. They had a cream cheese and berry mix over a slice of bread and garnished with berries. 

These are the three foods the Creative Writing class had to judge. 

While the students were judging the foods, many compliments were expressed. Mitch Sequeira said that Kitchen One’s dish even made him like strawberries again while Caitlin Lee said she wants the recipe Kitchen Five used. Many other students compared the different foods presentation and taste to season or holidays. Kitchen Six’s was mostly compared to summer for being a light food perfect for a hot summer morning. Kitchen Five’s food was compared to a nice autumn day or something you would eat on Thanksgiving. Kitchen Two was said to bring on memories of a cool spring evening. 

Following the day of the judging, the Creative Writing class wrote up food reviews of both the atmosphere of the classroom and the presentation of food. Most students had plenty of great things to say in their creative reviews. 

Bailey Sherrell first spoke about the atmosphere of the room. She said, “While it isn’t necessarily a professional tasting, we were treated quite nicely for such a short amount of time.”

Most students agreed with her about the aura of the tasting being calming and inviting, but most students also had a lot to say about the first food the class was presented. Bailey starts out by saying that the food was “beautifully crafted and tasted just as good as it looks.” She continued with, “The strawberry in the center was the perfect amount of sweetness and juiciness.” 

Pro Start student Anna Mead preparing strawberries for her team’s dish.

Another student in the creative writing class who spoke highly of the first entre’ they were presented with, said the “Softly textured, chewy, white bread lavished in the thick cream cheese lightly shaded with a hint of pink. Like a blooming rose, a vibrant strawberry sits in the middle.” She goes on by explaining the first bite. “Biting in, the first thing you taste is the suiting cream cheese followed by the bright spring taste of a strawberry.” 

In the beginning of student Caitlyn Lee’s review, she says, “Even though I was just in a school classroom, it felt like I was at a little fancy restaurant you go to with your friends to hang out.” She later explained it had the inviting feeling a family owned restaurant would have. “Also,” she continues, “there was a very nice assistant teacher who had been like a friendly server.” 

And last but not least, Gracie Brown had some great things to say about Kitchen Five’s dish. “The visual of this dish reminded me of autumn, with red, yellow, and orange sliced bell peppers sprinkled around the two halves of toasted bread like fallen leaves surrounding a tree.” She goes on by saying, “Unlike the first dish, this one had a savory flavor that’s absolutely ravishing.” 

Congratulations to Kitchen Two who had the majority points in the categories ranging from presentation to taste! All of the teams being judged put up absolutely ravishing dishes. 

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