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Artist Spotlight: Remy Grover

By Lily Ward 

Remy Grover is a junior at MCHS and is extremely talented.  Remy has loved art since they were little. Their sister would always draw with them and has always been supportive of Remy’s art. Remy’s sister drifted away from art but Remy’s love for art grew. Now, Remy plans on having art in their life as long as possible by becoming an illustrator or storyboard artist. People online will ask Remy to make drawings of characters they’ve created, DND characters, characters from shows or celebrities, portraits of them, and portraits of family or friends.

Meet the artist

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. For me, it’s usually YouTubers, TV shows, books, and video games. My favorite artwork is unprompted art. I love when i just have something come to mind and just start to draw. I started doing digital art a little over a year ago. I saw other artists doing digital art and it was really cool so I decided to try it out.”

– Remy Grover

Remy also started posting their art a little over a year ago onto social media and people’s reactions changed them.

An example of Remy’s art.

It was like whiplash. I went from hating my art and thinking I couldn’t go anywhere with it, now I’m selling art it was wild. The first time someone commented on my art I literally cried.”

Testing the Waters

People began to demand for content from Remy which gave them opportunities to explore different art styles.

“I’ve improved more in that one year than I had in my entire life.”


I asked Remy for advice for other beginning artists and they gave very helpful advice. Remy pointed out that you need to practice as much as possible because that’s the only way you’ll get better. Remy also said “No matter what, draw for yourself. There will be people that will ask you to draw the most random stuff but if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable then don’t. You have the ability to refuse a request.”


So That is the story of the talented Remy Grover and how art affects their life. 


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