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The Trojan War Perfomance

By Avoleen Joseph, Ashlyn Shumate, and Alexis Bishop

The Trojan War was a hysterical show performed in the PAC by the MC Drama 1 through 3 classes. It was an exciting experience, as told by several students that performed in the play and several who watched it. 

Jesikah Lily, a senior who played the part of Herra, the Queen of Gods, told us that she felt “bitter sweet, excited but also kind of sad” to perform her last first show of the year. She found it interesting to be able to work with different classes and grade groups since she’s already friends with people her age. She stated that the choreography was “fun, entertaining, and easy to learn.” Jessikah also said that Julie, the choreographer, is very talented!

Frankie Villagran, a junior who had the part of Apollo, one of the main leads in the story, had said that he was excited to perform his first show of the year because of his passion for being on stage and performing in front of an audience. He said that performing with different classes and grade groups is a little bit of a struggle, but it’s overall pretty easy. When asked about the choreography, he replied with: “I think it’s great! It goes well with the play, and the choreographer works well and hard with the classes.” 

Cassandra of Troy, played by Mikala Mustain, said she was excited to be performing for the first time this year. She said that working with different grades and classes “pulls a lot of people together.” She also says that there is a lot of energy. Mustain calls the choreography and choreographer “really cool” and “fantastic!” 

Sophomore, Andrew Watkins who played Prince Hector of Troy stated that he was excited and very nervous about performing the first show. He said that working with different classes and grade groups doesn’t really change anything because “we’re all on the same page.” His opinion on the choreography was very different from the others, but he said that the acting was “on fleek. Especially Hector’s.”

After the show, I interviewed a couple students about their opinions on the play. 

Mariana Gonzalez, a freshman, said she enjoyed watching the show and seeing her fellow classmates have so much fun. She said she loved the part when her classmates were dancing in the aisles beside her. “My favorite character was Apollo,” she said. “He portrayed his character very well, and his laugh was just really funny!” 

Diana Martinez, also a freshman but played a Spartan warrior in the show, said that the play was enjoyable from what she heard and saw. After being asked about her favorite part, she said, “I liked it when the Trojans threw their swords at the Spartans. That was pretty funny.” Her favorite character was Cassandra of Troy because her acting was “on point.” She said the show was fun and that she thinks she did pretty good, but she thought she could have done a lot better. 

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