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The Blood Drive

By Madelyn Hatfield and Lindsey Bundgard

On Monday, September 16 there was a blood drive at McDonald County High School. We went in and interviewed some of the students who were giving blood and some of the people who were drawing blood. 

The first interview was with Kaitlyn Sammons, who had just donated. 

Q: Why did you donate today?

(Kaitlyn): “It makes me feel good, like I did something to help the world. Plus, I am a unversal donor, so I can donate to anybody!”

What are your thoughts on giving blood?

K: “I think that it is a really good idea because it could save somebody’s life”

Q: How much did you donate, and how did it make you feel?

K: “I donated a pint, and I feel okay. Sometimes it can make you tired and dizzy though.”

After visiting with Kaitlyn, we decided to interview somebody who was helping and working in the blood drive. We interviewed Laney Wilson, who was a helping hand.

Q: Where does the blood that is donated go?

(Laney): “They usually take the blood that is donated to blood banks, and it can later be taken to different hospitals”

Q: Why is there an age restriction for who can donate blood?

L: “The younger you are, the less blood you have compared to an adult. It is mostly for safety precautions because it can be dangerous to be drawing blood from somebody below the age of 16.”

Q: What is the main purpose of the blood drive?

L: “It is pretty much because blood drives are a good thing, and it helps people who need different surgeries and other stuff like that.”

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