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The Growth Of BlackPink

By Jesseca Raney

BlackPink is a korean-pop group which debuted on August 8, 2016 under the company YG Entertainment. The girl group consists of four girls named, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. After just three short years, the girls’ popularity has spread all over the world. BlackPink even got the chance to perform on Good Morning America back in February earlier this year with their song Dududu dududu.

But the question is, does BlackPink really deserve this fame/popularity? Or is the fame they have earned because of their company and past groups that are also associated with the company?

BlackPink’s Debut Stge in 2016

BlackPink is only the 2nd girl group to ever come out of YG Entertainment, with the first being 2ne1, who debuted back in 2009 but sadly disbanded back in November of 2016, only 3 months after BlackPink debuted, with the same girl crush concept as 2ne1.

BlackPink’s fan base is called Blinks which is just a combination of the group’s name. The girls seemed to have gained its fan base overnight with their debut song Boombayah siting at 732million views after three years. Their recent song Kill This Love, which came out only six months ago, already has 634million views. Songs with this much popularity have given these girls the ability to show their talent, which has allowed them to win 10 awards already, with their first win just 13 days after their debut.

BLackPink from their song, Whistle. Picture posted by Soompi.com 

With BlackPink having been together for only three now, some of the members have also been active in their own activities as well with one member, Jennie have her own debut song called Solo which has about 385 million views after a year being released on their youtube channel alone. Lisa going a dance cover to Swalla by Jason Derulo and lastly Jisoo with her song Clarity. Sadly one member, Rose has not had any solo activist. The next years BlackPink will have more activity and Rose will have her own solo just like others an all four will have more growing success.

BlackPink on Good Morning America, image posted by abcnews.

BlackPink in 2019 posted by allkpop.com

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