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IT: Chapter Two (2019) Review

By Decklynn Johnston

For quite some time, everyone has been buzzing about the sequel to IT: Chapter One. Chapter Two came out on September 6th, 2019. I went to see it with some friends on September 9th, and I can say I was not disappointed with the movie. IT was originally a novel written by an author named Stephen King, who is known for his horror-themed novels. There was a popular original film made in 1990 with a sequel as well.

If you’ve seen IT, then you know it’s about a demonic clown that terrorizes a group of friends. One of the group’s members, William “Bill” Denborough had a little brother named Georgie who got eaten by the demonic clown, Pennywise. The story then sets itself in motion. In the end, the self-proclaimed Losers fight off Pennywise for good, and make a blood oath that if IT, Pennywise, ever returns to the town of Derry, they would come back to destroy IT again.

In Chapter One, they’re all in the 12-14 age range, now fast forward to Chapter Two, 27 years later. They’re all grown up, and leading their own lives for the most part. However, IT returns to Derry and Mike, the only member of the Loser’s Club that stayed behind in Derry, calls all of his old friends to give them the terrifying news. Now, we all know that their childhoods were traumatizing, mainly because of Pennywise but also because of personal things that were happening in each of their homes. However, despite these traumatizing experiences, the ones that left Derry don’t remember most of it until they return to their hometown. 

The best part about this movie is that they connect all of the complicated backstories. With seven main characters, you’d think it would be difficult to successfully be able to have each character’s story line fit appropriately into the story,  but the producers do a very good job at it. Not to mention its relevance to the book. The remakes (2017 & 2019) are more of an accurate representation of the book, including more of the book’s events and the storyline than the 1990 version did. The graphics were good and the plot was planned out very well, and the movie progressed smoothly. All in all, the move was made really well.

Another thing that makes the movie amazing is the comedy mixed in with the horror. Most movies that mix these genres overdo it to the point where it gets a tad bit annoying. However, IT Chapter Two has its comical moments, but it still serves its purpose as a horror movie very well.

And lastly, let’s talk about the character development and actors. All of the characters go through changes that benefit the story. Chapter Two loops around to connect the characters to their adolescent selves, childhood events and not to mention the actors they picked out were fabulous for the job. The cast did an amazing job at portraying the characters in a similar way the cast did in Chapter One. 

Overall, IT: Chapter Two exceeded my expectations and was an excellent movie, and is even a movie you could watch more than once without getting bored with it. This movie lives up to its big reputation. IT has the perfect mix of horror, comedy and drama, so in all, this movie won’t let you down.

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