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Should the NBA add a 4-point line?

By Cayden Westgate

The NBA has changed dramatically over the years, and at this point in time, it is almost mandatory that you are able to shoot a three point successfully. The league went from being post dominant to guards shooting from range to everyone being able to shoot from deep. Over the past few years, there has been controversy in the league over whether or not the NBA should add a 4-point shot. There are some pros and cons to this subject, but after you read this article, tell me your opinion about adding the 4-point line. 

This is where the four-point line will be if the NBA decides to add it to the game. 


  1.  It would bring a lot more attention and fans to the NBA. Fans love seeing players knock down clutch deep shots, and if they add the four point line it will be even more dramatic and exciting for the fans. Players can pull up from the four-point line, if they are down by four, and bury it. Fans would go crazy to see a shot like that. This would benefit sharpshooters like Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard,  Kevin Durant, and others.
  2. If a team has lethal sharpshooters on the floor, they could really stretch out the defense and make them play out to the four-point line. Stretching out the defense can allow more time for players to shoot because it may take a little longer for the defender to run out to the four-point line and contest the shot, unless the coach has the defense playing tight on the four point line.
  3.  Along with number 2,  it also can allow for more players to drive and pass it out because a defender would be too worried about the four point being made that the player with the ball can just fake the shot, drive to the basket, make a defender come over to help defense, and then they can pass it to the open person out on the four point line.
  4. Making a deep shot like that can really boosts your teammates morale and encourage them to play better, because when a team is down by a lot, making a shot like that can fire them up and put a little hope in them to try to get back into the game.
  5. The last pro is that a player is able to rack up more points. I know some players care more about getting the win than they do about their points, but there are also a lot of players in the league that love to have a lot of points.
Damian Lillard shoots exceptionally well from behind the three point line.


  1. The first con is a big deal because younger kids in the 5th and 6th grade will think that basketball is just all about shooting. When Stephen Curry blew up, it encouraged kids to start shooting from deep all the time. There is more to basketball than just shooting from deep. There is strategy. Adding the four-point line will encourage younger kids to shoot from deep even more when they need to be working on their free throws or their layups. It must drive the coaches crazy seeing their kids launch it from deep when they can be working on other things.
  2. In a way, adding the four-point line can slow the game down. It can stop the players from driving to the basket and getting a possible one, or even better, dunk the ball. A lot of fans love seeing fast-paced basketball and love seeing insane dunks instead of a lousy long distance shot that has a bigger percentage of missing. So for some fans, adding the four-point shot will just make the game boring to watch. 
  3.  This con may be questionable, but this change could make it easier for players to break records in the league. For example, Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game could be broken easily if they decide to add the four-point shot. It already isn’t fair that Wilt didn’t have a three point shot to get his 100 points so adding the four-point shot won’t make it any more fair. Wilt had to work hard for his 100 points, when all the baskets he made were only worth two points. Now, if there were a four point line and a player broke the 100 point record by using the four point shot, it would be too easy. 
  4. This could make the NBA look really bad. If commissioner Adam Silver decides to add the four-point shot, more players will attempt the shot and more than likely miss and their field goal percentage will decrease dramatically, and the NBA would look like a mess compared to all the other leagues around the world because the NBA players are throwing up ridiculous shots that are more than likely going to miss.   

This is all I have for the pros and cons, but don’t forget to let me know what you think about the four-point line potentially being added to the game!

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