Arts & Culture Student Life

Black Friday Shopping

By  Kodie Leonard and Danieda Morales

Black Friday is a big deal for a lot of people. You can get so many different things for everyone in your family, from power tools for dad, cooking utensils for mom, toys for siblings, and dog toys and clothes for dogs. There are so many huge deals in many stores, you just have to find the better deals. We went around and asked some teachers (who will remain anonymous to avoid Christmas Gift spoiling) about their Black Friday plans. Here is what they said:

(Question) Would you rather shop for Black Friday online or in store? 

“I do in store Black Friday. I like to go to thrift stores and antique shops because they have really good discounts”- Teacher A

“ Online shopping because I don’t want to get out of bed”- Teacher B

“Online because then I do not have to take my children out of the house”-Teacher C

“Online because it’s guaranteed that I’ll get it and won’t get injured.”- Teacher D

How can bargains be worth dealing with the crowds?

“I don’t think they are worth it, but i go with my family and it’s fun.”- Teacher A

“To me they have to be 75% or higher for me to go out and deal with all the people.”- Teacher B

“They would have to be really good deals.  I would love to have a tradition of Black Friday shopping with my family.”-Teacher C

“Electronics and toys are worth dealing with the crowds for.”- Teacher D

How do you think the people that work Black Friday feel?

“They are probably very stressed and overwhelmed”- Teacher A

“I think it would be really difficult”- Teacher B

“Overwhelmed and dreading work!”-Teacher C

“Tired!! It’s expected that if you work retail that you WILL be expected to work on Black Friday. And some don’t mind because they get over time and extra discounts.”- Teacher D

What are you looking for when you go shopping?

“Christmas gifts for my family and really good bargains”- Teacher A

“Toys for my kids”- Teacher B

“A Nintendo Switch and any other toys that my kids would want.  Also, good deals on electronics.”-Teacher C

“I am looking for exceptional sales that I could not get at any other time in the year.”- Teacher D

How long will you wait in a line for a store to open?

“I wouldn’t wait in line, I don’t get up that early.”- Teacher A

“I don’t think I would wait in line, it’s too cold. I would wait until the store is open.”- Teacher B

“Depends on the weather.  If it is really cold I will not stand for over an hour.”-Teacher C

“3 hours.”- Teacher D                

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