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You Got This, Juniors!

By  Chyenne Scates

I will not lie, junior year was one of the toughest years for me, but you can get through it! Just sit back and breathe. A key thing to do, not just junior year, but you whole life is to find ways to be successful. Kiara Manion, and MCHS junior, tells us, “Basically I study and I make sure I get plenty of sleep because otherwise I’m a mess and honestly can’t concentrate. I try to always be available to any learning opportunity I can get and I turn in my work.” 

Image result for study
Study hard, get good grades!

Another key thing is to take time for you. When you get a minute away from ACT preparations and piles of homework, do something for you. Kiara Manion, says, “I try to stress relieve with writing or yoga, do things I enjoy so I’m not constantly overworked.” This is important, I would listen to her before it’s too late!

Image result for sleep number bed
Sleep Number bed for comfort.

I also talked with a senior at our school, Bailey Sherrell. When asked about how she made it through junior year, her response was, “To be successful have tacos.” Tacos are loved by ALMOST everyone, and if you enjoy tacos then that’s a good thing to do for stress relief!

Image result for taco bell
Tacos for stress relief

Now you’ve heard from a junior and senior, and I’ll stress it, too. Get you work done, study, leap at learning opportunities, but don’t forget that you need to relax sometimes. You’ll get burnt out if you don’t take time for you, and what good would that do? Just keep up the pace and you’ll sail smoothly into senior year.

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