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How to be Fabulous

By Hailey Staib

Here’s how to be fabulous with 3 simple steps! It’s really effortless, but the following article will show you have to be fabulous to the max. It’ll also show you how to be the best you that you can be. 

Step One: Own It!

If you have a weird quirky part of yourself, own It! If you wear something to school that makes you feel beautiful, own It! If your taste in music is a little different than the rest of your pupils, OWN IT! Here’s how you own it: Instead of wondering. “What is everybody else thinking?” Think, “I like me for me regardless of what anyone says.”

Step Two: Style!

Wear whatever you want! As soon as we start to realize that we are enough, we will be so much more beautiful than ever before. Your style tells people a lot about you. If you have to question if you should wear it or not because of what people might say, then you should totally wear it. Being fabulous starts with anyone.  

Step Three: Maintain a Happy Lifestyle

It is totally okay to have bad days and be in a bad mood, but do not let your bad mood rub off on others. Make everyone feel loved and appreciated. People want to feel loved, even people that seem like they have absolutely no soul. Always remember, we are all human. Just because he or she is poor or not as attractive in your eyes does not mean they are in any way less than you. And if people pick on you for being poor or not as attractive, stand back up and smile. Because you are beautiful and the sooner you realize that, the happier you’ll be. 

Someone that inspires me to be fabulous is my very own sister. She is courageous, brilliant, and so inspirational. She is so beautiful, it is perplexing. Her heart is so pure and she is someone I want to be just like. Why? Because she is so fabulous. She has a style like no other. She is the kind of person that would drop everything just to help someone. She owns her style. I am so grateful to have a sister like her. You don’t have to be fabulous like Natalie or your friends or what beauty standards tell you. You can be fabulous like you. Shine like the star you are! We’re all beautiful. 

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