Arts & Culture Student Spotlights

Student Spotlight – Luke Kitlen

By Hailey Staib

I interviewed Luke Kitlen a student at MCHS. He is in the 11th grade. Kitlen is such an attentive and an all around friendly person. He’s someone you can always count on. Luke took most of his interview for a joke which just goes to show how much of a fun person he is.

(Question) What’s your favorite past time?

(Luke) “I enjoy taking pictures with my camera.” 

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

“I would move to Chicago and never come back.”

What is your favorite candy?

“I HATE candy with a burning passion.”

What’s your dog’s name?

“Dogs are so lame do not ask me about dogs I am a vegetarian.“

Are you vegetarian? 

“Yes I only eat meat.”   

What tickles you toes?

“It tickles my toes when someone like, takes my shoes off and tickles them. Fun fact: Hailey tickles my toes.”

What’s your favorite smell?


What kind of car do you drive?

“A Mustang, and I work at Pizza Hut.”  

What is your favorite aesthetic?

“Chains or E Boy.”

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?


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