Ten Weird Phobias

By Decklynn Johnston

There are some pretty weird things out there in the world, some of them being people’s fears. Some of them just seem unreal. These are then phobias that seem weird or unbelievable.


Everyone these days are attached to their phones, right? Mainly teenagers. This phobia affects over fifty percent of cellphone users. It is characterized by feeling anxiety or apprehension when one’s phone is unable to be used. Examples being when there’s no service, the phone is dead, or even if there’s no time card on the phone.

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Also known as anemophobia, this is the fear of wind. Ancraophobics tend to get anxious or uneasy while outdoors or near open windows. This phobia can also make people uneasy when they pass hand dryers or overhead air vents. It’s believed that this phobia is triggered by an experience that is embedded in the person’s subconscious. This phobia is very uncommon. 

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This phobia is the fear of mirrors. It can stem from a traumatic event involving mirrors, or sometimes it can have something to do with religion or superstitions such as a broken mirror being bad luck or the belief that a mirror is a portal for souls, attracting ghosts and spirits. Spectrophobics will do anything in their power to avoid mirrors or anything that reflects or is made of glass. Some of them also avoid horror movies or scary TV shows. 

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This phobia just might be the weirdest one on this list. Ablutophobia is the persistent and irrational fear of cleaning, washing or bathing. This phobia is categorized under a group of phobias called specific phobias, which are an irrational fear of a certain thing or situation. Ablutophobia is more common in women and children than it is in men. 

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This phobia is extremely hard to pronounce and it is also extremely inexplicable. This is the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth. Just like many other phobias, when it is triggered (in this case the trigger would be eating peanut butter or when it is wedged on the roof of one’s mouth) the sufferer feels dread, anxiety, panic, terror, shortness of breath and accelerated heartbeat. However, the symptoms can vary based on the severity of the fear. This phobia can stem from an experience just like most phobias. 

Image result for stock photo peanut butter


This one is very rare. Allodoxaphobia is the phobia of opinions. It’s believed that people with this phobia have experienced not being able to properly express their opinion or their opinion was rejected. The affected person often refuses to be involved in opinion-based conversations and this phobia can also reflect a fear of confrontation. 

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It’s highly unlikely that someone with this phobia will be at any event involving balloons. Sometimes the sufferer is afraid of the balloon itself, sometimes of the balloon popping, or both. The sight, touch or smell of balloons can trigger a panic attack. In most cases, it is most present in childhood and decreases when you get older. However, sometimes it can continue into adulthood. This phobia is more common in females than in males.

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This phobia might be the most unbelievable or hardest to understand. Genuphobia is the irrational fear of knees. Whether it be their own, someone else’s, or just the act of kneeling. In most cases, this phobia stems from a traumatic knee injury. 

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Compared to the rest of them on this list, this phobia is quite understandable. Pupaphobia is the phobia of puppets. A lot of kids like watching puppet shows on TV, and others really just want absolutely nothing to do with them. This phobia, like Globophobia, is more common in children but can follow you into adulthood. 

Image result for stock photo puppet


Oh, the irony. This word is incredibly long, which means that people with this phobia are probably afraid of their own condition name. This fear of long words often occurs in school-aged children. It can be from being laughed at or being made fun of while reading or trying to pronounce long words.

Image result for stock photo words

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