2023 Golden Globes Ceremony Hits NBC's Lowest Ratings

2023 Golden Globes Ceremony Hits NBC’s Lowest Ratings

2023 Golden Globes Ceremony Hits NBC’s Lowest Ratings: This year, the Golden Globes made its return to broadcast television, but only with a whimper. Only 6.3M people watched NBC’s Tuesday night broadcast of the 80th annual ceremony, per Nielsen statistics.

The Golden Globes ceremony’s viewership has reached an all-time low; it was only 6.9M in 2021. That was just about a third as big as 2020’s 18.3M. Following discoveries concerning a lack of diversity and accusations of improper behavior inside the HFPA, the group responsible for awarding the Globes, the event last year was not shown on television.


So, it makes it reasonable that viewership would decrease even further when the show’s airdate was changed to a Tuesday. The program also failed to reach the 18-49 age group, which was the advertising target audience. Its grade of 1.1 was significantly lower than 2021’s 1.5 ratings.

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Only in 2008 during the writers’ strike, when the HFPA essentially merely hosted a press conference in place of a ceremony, did anything associated with the Globes perform worse. 6M people watched that.

The Globes used to be held on a Sunday evening. However, it seems logical that NBC (or any other broadcast network, for that matter) wouldn’t want to give up the Sunday primetime slot for such a tiny audience, especially if doing so would mean losing out on Sunday Night Football, which can draw at least quadruple the audience even on a horrible night. The Lions-Packers regular season finale on Sunday averaged 23.6 million viewers.

Even during the week, NBC faced opposition. Although not by much, it did manage to beat primetime in terms of average total viewers. With an average of 6.1M people seeing the FBI trilogy, CBS came in second. Of fact, since the Globes were shown nationwide while CBS’ scripted schedule was not, CBS and NBC were just vying for the primetime spot on the East Coast.

These figures do not account for viewing on Peacock or digital platforms, so the final audience total will increase, but probably not significantly. These figures won’t be available until after a live broadcast that is delayed by three days.

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The Fabelmans and director Steven Spielberg, Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan from Everything Everywhere All at Once, Elvis himself Austin Butler, Abbott Elementary and its creator-star Quinta Brunson, the White Lotus, and star Jennifer Coolidge, among others, received awards on Tuesday. Black Panther also received recognition. Here is the complete list of prizewinners.