3 Americans Dead In Airbnb Mexico City

3 Americans Dead In Airbnb Mexico City

After their adult children were discovered dead in an Airbnb while taking part in Mexico City’s annual Day of the Dead celebration, three American families are looking for explanations.

To get their remains back home and find out what caused the awful conclusion, the relatives of Jordan Marshall, 28, and Kandace Florence of Virginia Beach has reportedly gotten in touch with the American Embassy.

According to the TV station, the lifelong friends were on vacation in Mexico City with Marshall’s friend, Cortez Hall of New Orleans. Marshall’s mother, Jennifer Marshall, told WAVY, “To lose your child is one thing, but in a whole other nation and having to negotiate language difficulties and travel and trying to get his body home, it’s been a lot.”

We can confirm that three Americans died in Mexico, according to a statement from a Department of State spokeswoman that WTKR was able to get. We are keeping a close eye on the local authorities’ inquiry into the death’s circumstances.

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The Florences announced they will host a candlelight vigil in place of Kandace’s 29th birthday celebration on Thursday while they wait for her remains to arrive, while the Marshalls verified to the TV station that Jordan’s body had been returned to Virginia.

WAVY claims that on October 30, when she and her boyfriend were on the phone, Florence began to feel unwell and informed him something was wrong. Authorities discovered Florence, Marshall, and Hall dead when the boyfriend called the Airbnb host to seek a welfare check after their call was cut off. All three victims’ reasons for death are still being looked into.