4 Found Dead Near University Of Idaho Campus

4 Found Dead Near University Of Idaho Campus

Update: In a post on social media, the University of Idaho says that all of the people who were killed are students. Due to the recent tragedy, classes at the university will not be held on Monday, the 14th. The next day, classes will start up again.

The Moscow Police Department (MPD) is looking into the murders of four people whose bodies were found in a house near the University of Idaho.

MPD says that at 11:58 a.m., they got a call about a person who was unconscious on King Road. When the police got there, they found four dead bodies inside the house.

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The University of Idaho’s Facebook page says that MPD is looking into a murder. The U of I has since taken back its “shelter in place” order, but the campus still wants students to stay alert.

Public Safety and Security at the University of Idaho says that this is an off-campus event. They also say that Moscow Police said there is no active threat to the student community.

Since then, MPD has begun an investigation. As soon as the next of kin of the victims are told, more information will be made public. MPD wants anyone who might know something to call the Moscow Police Department at 208-882-COPS.