5 Sylvan Hills Students Died in Wyoming College Visit Car Accident

5 Sylvan Hills Students Died in Wyoming College Visit Car Accident

5 Sylvan Hills Students Died in Wyoming College Visit Car Accident: The tragic deaths of five persons killed in an accident outside the state have left the Sylvan Hills neighborhood in mourning. On Sunday, two current pupils and three previous students died in a terrible accident, according to administrators of the Pulaski County Special School District.

According to the district, the group had visited Jackson Hole Bible College in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and was returning to Arkansas from there. Salomon Correa, Magdalene Franco, Andrea Prime, Suzy Prime, and Ava Luplow perished in the collision. More than 100 individuals showed up at Faith Bible Fellowship on Monday for a candlelight memorial to honor the lives lost.

Quint Scruggs attended Sylvan Hills High School in the past. He claimed that the neighborhood was in shock. “Before, I looked everywhere on social media and saw only that I didn’t believe it. I assured everyone that there is no possibility that I do not think it, “Said Scruggs.

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Scruggs said that he attended high school with three of the deceased girls. He claimed that all five of the females were Faith Bible Fellowship members. The girls Scruggs knew were fun to be around, he claimed. He said there was never a dull time, and they always made you laugh.

Sherwood’s mayor, Mary Jo Heyetownsell, told KATV that everyone affected will have the city’s full support.”The depth of that is beyond words. Without a doubt, we must constantly watch out for their friends and peers who will be significantly affected by this, “She spoke.

The deadly collision occurred on January 22, 2023, at milepost 219 on Interstate 80 east of Rawlins, Wyoming, according to the Wyoming High Patrol’s Facebook page. They claimed that at 6:52 p.m., Wyoming Highway Patrol officers received a report of a driver on Interstate 80 traveling the wrong way.

According to the authorities, an accident involving the wrong-way driver and several vehicles was reported to troopers around 6:58 p.m. According to early information, a Dodge Ram 3500 was traveling east on Interstate 80 while traveling on the wrong side of the road.

They claimed the Dodge struck both a passenger car and a delivery truck. A second commercial vehicle’s driver attempted to evade the Dodge truck by veering into the middle as it was about to collide with the passenger car.

A Ford F-150 was struck head-on by the commercial truck after it left the median and entered the eastbound travel lanes, according to the police. The second commercial vehicle and the passenger truck caught fire right away. According to their investigation, the Ford F-150’s five occupants suffered fatal injuries in the collision.

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Other drivers involved in the collision were taken by ambulance to hospitals with serious injuries. According to the authorities, the Dodge’s wrong-way driver has been detained on suspicion of intoxication and could face more charges as the investigation progresses. According to Scruggs, we can’t get it back since it’s already gone and in a better place.

The school will resume on Tuesday, according to a PCSSD spokesperson, but counselors will be on hand. This is still under investigation, according to Wyoming Highway Patrol. In response to the incident, the Pulaski County Special School District issued the following statement:

Early Monday morning, PCSSD learned of the tragic accident involving two current and three former students from Sylvan Hills High. Counseling will be offered to students and staff who need it. Our thoughts are with their families and school community as they grieve the loss of such young lives.