5-year-old Missing After Mother Found Dead on Thanksgiving We Just Want Her Home

5-year-old Missing After Mother Found Dead on Thanksgiving: “We Just Want Her Home”

After her mother was discovered dead on Thanksgiving, a 5-year-old child vanished, and police in South Carolina is now searching for her. The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office shared a picture of Aspen Jeter on Facebook on Monday to announce the search for her.

On Thanksgiving, according to the police, they were summoned to a home in Orangeburg, South Carolina, to do a welfare check. Deputies “discovered a deceased female who had not been heard from since November 1” there, the post said.

Later, the woman—who has not been officially identified—was revealed to be Aspen’s mother, according to the authorities. When her mother’s body was discovered, the youngster wasn’t inside the house.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell reportedly added, “If you have any information in regards to the whereabouts of this child, please let us know,” in the Facebook post. “Just tell us what you know; you don’t have to provide your name.”

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Call the OCSO at 803-534-3550 or Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMES if you have any information. A comment from the OCSO was not given right away. According to NBC station WIS-TV, relatives have subsequently identified the woman as Crystal Jumper. According to the publication, Jumper was shot and lying on her bed when police arrived at her house.

The search for Aspen is a priority for her family even while they are grieving, they told WIS-TV. We just want her home; she’s a wonderful little baby,” Aspen’s uncle and Crystal’s brother, Pauley Jumper, said. He said that he had last spoken to Crystal on November 1st. That, though, wasn’t exceptional.

According to WIS-TV, he remarked, “She was a private person, she kept to herself.” This week’s autopsy will reveal Crystal’s cause of death. Aspen is unable to walk and cannot speak, he continued. So let’s all just pray that we can bring her home.

Police were called to Crystal’s house because her cousin reported that she hadn’t spoken to her despite the fact that they usually spoke every day, according to cops speaking to WCSC in Charleston.

When the OCSO arrived at Crystal’s house, according to the TV station, there were no cars there and no one was home to answer the door. Deputies entered the house after an officer who was walking around the property noticed a pungent stench.

They discovered Crystal at that time but not Aspen. Officers have sent out a notice to the neighborhood asking for help in finding Crystal’s car and the youngster. They failed to provide any descriptions.