7 Injured And 1 Died In A Shooting At A House Party In Adams County

7 Injured And 1 Died In A Shooting At A House Party In Adams County

Early on Saturday morning, Adams County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched in response to reports of a gunshot outside of a house party that had left one person dead and seven others hurt.

Around three in the morning on Saturday, reports of gunfire outside of a home in the block of 900 Dakin Street came in, according to ACSO investigators. When first responders arrived, they found numerous victims who needed to be sent to a nearby hospital.

One of the shooting victims was pronounced dead when they got to the hospital. The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado has taken over the inquiry as of late.

According to a Tweet from ACSO, “because of the sensitivity of the investigation, the amount of information we continue to collect, and protecting the victims involved… There will be a long schedule, but we’ll give you information as soon as we can.

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As the investigation goes on, people are being advised to stay away from the area of Greenwood Boulevard and Dakin Street. The incident occurred in an outlying area of Adams County near Sherrelwood.

Detectives look for the suspect

The ACSO is now looking for the car in this picture. They presume that the culprit may have been in this car, a dark blue Chevrolet Tahoe from the early 2000s. Call ACSO at 720-322-1313 if you’ve spotted this car or if you know anything that could help police find the suspect inside.

Father of shot-and-killed teen girl speaks

“There was a shooting that occurred shortly after midnight in Adams County, where numerous adolescent kids were attending a party, and a fight had ensued and 8-9 teens have been shot,” said David Bodnar, a resident of Denver and the parent of one of the teenagers at the party.

I’m a parent of one of the wounded children, and right now, after sitting in the parking lot for the past five or six hours, we’re waiting outside North Suburban Medical for hospital staff and police to let us in, according to Bodnar.

There are other families nearby who are with their children in the ICU, and my wife and I and our family are staying in the hospital, while one other family and the child who was shot were transported to another hospital, according to Bodnar.