A Florida Man Was Detained After Using an Uber to Rob a Bank

A Florida Man Was Detained After Using an Uber to Rob a Bank

Using an Uber to rob a nearby bank, a Florida man was apprehended in Minnesota. According to WOI-TV, the 22-year-old allegedly carjacked the Uber driver and left the scene of the crime. According to reports, the event happened on November 30, when the suspect, Javier Rafael Camacho-Cepede, rode in an Uber to the Chase Bank, which is situated in the 6100 block of Southeast 14th Street. The Florida man allegedly brandished a gun to demand money before escaping in the same vehicle.

The carjacking victim reported that Camacho-Cepeda, who was from the 3200 block of SE 14th Street, had carjacked him when he called the police to report the crime. According to a news release from Des Moines Police, the suspect was soon recognized when they received information from the Uber driver and bank employees.

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“You know, he took the Uber there, and he took the Uber away. That’s the only thing that makes this unusual. The Uber driver claimed that there wasn’t much evidence that anything went wrong while he was inside the bank. The 22-year-old is now accused of committing two first-degree robberies.

According to a different allegation by KCCI-TV, the Lake County Sheriffs caught the thief after discovering a gun on Camacho-Cepede in a stolen car along with the money. In a previous incident of a similar nature, a Southfield man was arrested for robbing a Huntington bank back in mid-November.

Police sources reportedly told Fox2 that the suspect commuted to and from the bank using an Uber while committing the crime. The Southfield Police then recognized the individual as Jason Christmas. The police chief at the time of the occurrence noted that it was “a highly unique approach to commit an armed robbery in our city.”