A Look at Wayne County's Salt Distribution Method Each Winter

A Look at Wayne County’s Salt Distribution Method Each Winter

A Look at Wayne County’s Salt Distribution Method Each Winter: Plow trucks from Wayne County are preparing to clear the roads if 4 to 5 inches of snowfall is expected between December 21 and 23. To make sure that the road conditions are as safe as possible, the county prepares its plow vehicles and salt in preparation. According to Wayne County’s website, salt trucks are stocked with salt and ready to go 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in anticipation of snowfalls to prevent ice roadways.

According to Steve Shaya, division director for roads in Wayne County, the county can stockpile around 80,000 tonnes of salt, although replenishment may be required depending on the weather this winter. Wayne County generally receives over 100,000 tonnes of salt each year.

A Look at Wayne County's Salt Distribution Method Each Winter (1)

He added that we keep a close eye on the weather using several weather organizations. Mother Nature is the sole factor. Since 1997, the only rock salt mine in Michigan, Detroit Salt Co., has provided the county with all of its salt needs.

What winter are preparations made for salt trucks?

As the loader operator scoops and loads salt into the tandem axles, which store around 10–12 tonnes for each truck, the trucks are lined up by the dome. They are then kept inside the structures until required. Truck drivers plow the routes they are given during or after a snowfall, then spread salt using a spinner mounted to the back of the truck.

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Shaya states each area has a unique set of routes for distributing salt. Wayne County has 99 courses and 12 salt dome yards of various sizes. According to Wayne County, “standards require the application of 500-800 pounds of salt to each two-lane mile of pavement.” According to the size of the truck, “a single salt run for a truck can use up to 12 tonnes of salt.”

How to determine whether the nearby roads have been cleared

According to Tiffani Jackson, director of communications, trucks are frequently on the road before it stops snowing. Residents are invited to follow Wayne County on social media for updates on the weather and road conditions, winter storm readiness, and other information. People can follow the locations of Wayne County service trucks as they plow and salt roadways in real time with the Wayne County Compass App.

Why are salt containers fashioned like domes?

The loading truck can quickly pour salt into the building to replenish supplies or scoop salt out for distribution due to the structure’s dome shape. Uninterrupted movement is possible thanks to the elevated interior. Shaya stated, “The loader has a five-yard bucket on it. “We must be able to enter and exit.”

How come the salt is blue?

To prevent the salt from crystallizing and adhering together, an anti-caking agent is applied to it. It facilitates transportation and keeps the salt fresh. According to Jackson, drivers are advised to maintain a safe distance from plow trucks as they clear the roads. Avoid packing the plow.