A Woman With A Pitchfork And A Whip Was Arrested In Florida Outside Of A Publix

FLORIDA’S LAKE COUNTY – According to an arrest document, a lady was detained in Lake County on Tuesday after allegedly brandishing a pitchfork and a black whip in front of a Publix. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that the Publix manager informed deputies that Lisa Anne Slone, 56, had earlier tried to sell teddy bears in Minneola behind the store.

The manager reportedly informed police Slone stabbed a minivan with a pitchfork, according to the article. According to FHP, the manager also stated that the owner of the car would repair the damage themselves and did not want the police to get involved.

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According to the arrest complaint, Slone ignored troopers’ commands to stop and continued walking when they told her to drop the firearm. According to the report, Slone kicked at the window and unbuckled her seatbelt after being put in a patrol car.

Slone did not smell of alcohol, but rather seemed to be heavily drunk on a stimulant substance, according to FHP. When questioned about the cuts and bruises on her body, Slone reportedly responded that she “felt no pain anymore and that God was in control.” Slone has a $5,000 bond and is being held in the Orange Lake County Jail on an accusation of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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