A$AP Rocky’s Alleged Shooting Victim Is A$AP Mob Member

Details of the alleged shooting on November 6 that resulted in A$AP Rocky’s arrest in April are starting to surface, despite the rapper’s silence in the matter. According to Rolling Stone, Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, is said to have been shot in Hollywood on November 6 by Relli, a A$AP Mob member who goes by the name Terell Ephron in real life.  Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz, Ephron’s attorneys, said in a statement to the publication that Mayers persuaded Ephron to set up a meeting “to settle a disagreement between the two of them.”

According to a statement by Tooson and Hurwitz, A$AP Rocky was carrying a semi-automatic weapon and wasn’t just intent on having a talk with Mr. Ephron. A$AP Rocky pulled out the firearm and purposefully fired multiple bullets at Mr. Ephron after arriving at the scene. This was done without cause, warning, or any other reason.

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According to Relli’s attorneys, the encounter resulted in physical damage, “many death threats, and irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry,” in addition to other consequences. He is getting ready to file a civil case against his former pal in response.

Rocky was detained at the Los Angeles International Airport in April, as we previously reported at The Root. The “D.M.B.” rapper is being looked into for a shooting that happened on November 6, when the victim reportedly “told police that Mayers, who was walking with two other people, approached him with a handgun on the street.

According to the victim, Mayers fired three to four shots at him, with one of them landing only inches from his left hand. Three hours after being taken into prison, Rocky was let go. A search of his home failed to turn up the sought-after weapon. On August 17, he is anticipated to return to court.

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