Actors Ben Platt and Noah Galvin Get Engaged

Actors Ben Platt, Noah Galvin Get Engaged

For all time, Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are making it. The stars revealed their engagement on Instagram on Friday. They both starred as the lead characters in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.

Platt, 29, highlighted the ring in images of the proposal and captioned them, “he agreed to hang out forever. Galvin, 28, posted on his page, “I said yeehaw and then cried for about 7 hours.”

In November 2017, Galvin’s appointment as Platt’s replacement in the Tony-winning musical’s lead role was made public. From there, the two forged a deep friendship that grew into love a few years later.

Galvin’s appearance on a Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine podcast episode in May 2020, when the couple publicly acknowledged their relationship, was the turning point.

“Before the pandemic, we had been friends for five years and had finally resolved to give it our all. We dragged our feet on it for a while, “Later, Platt revealed to Kelly Clarkson how their relationship changed over time.

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The People We Hate at the Wedding is currently available on Prime Video, and Platt said in 2021’s Out magazine that he’d discovered “a partner that I genuinely love.” Galvin, he claimed, “has an exceptional ability to help me to… be present where I am and to make the life that’s happening day in and day out too amazing not to want to be on the ground for it.”

Platt sent the following message to Galvin on Instagram for his birthday in May: “I’m glad you’re mine. You are the unique gift that the universe has ever concocted. I’m so glad you were born. I adore you a lot.”