Aespa Performs On Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

K-pop group aespa began its American tour on Friday with a daytime appearance on Good Morning America to launch the talk show’s Summer Concert Series, just days after making their late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (July 8).

As members Karina, NingNing, Winter, and Giselle took the stage to perform five songs from their discography, including three from their recently released second mini album, Girls, the girl group’s devoted fan base, known as MYs, filled Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield with well-timed screams of adoration. Several audience members admitted they travelled from Canada, Argentina, and other countries to see the performance during breaks in the practise before the live performance.

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The four-2020 piece’s debut song, “Black Mamba,” opened the frantic performance. The crowd demonstrated their proficiency with the dance steps while holding up Korean hearts and signs for their favourite member, one of which read “Marry Me Karina.” Smoke billowed in time with the thundering bass of the song as the girls executed the choreography with great accuracy.

The first track from Girls’ debut album, “Life’s Too Short,” was then introduced by Aespa as their first-ever English single. The lyric of the song, “I’m doing me regardless/ And I don’t care what you say about it/ And it don’t matter if you like it or not/ I’m having all this fun so/ Why would I ever quit,” was sung by the girls in between dancing and tender moments of camaraderie on stage.

The girl group pumped up the crowd with energetic renditions of “Girls,” “Illusion,” and “Next Level,” all songs from the new mini album. Giselle revealed that the group’s technological concept, known as “FLAT,” which combines the actual world with a virtual one, culminates in Girls. “We’ve finally finished the metaverse story we started with ‘Black Mamba,’ and we’re going to beat the bad guy. You could think of it as the first chapter, she told GMA hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach.

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