After a Lake County Road Rage Incident, 911 Audio Was Released.

After a Lake County Road Rage Incident, 911 Audio Was Released

Thanks to a terrifying 911 call, we are finding out additional details about the road rage incident that occurred on Interstate 90 in Lake County on Monday night. The driver of a silver Subaru shot a pickup vehicle multiple times following an argument and road rage, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

A female driver of the Nissan pickup truck dialed 911. The decision was taken shortly after the family left the roadway. The woman claimed on the phone that their infant and one-year-old were in the back seat, while she and her fiancé were in the front seat.

The female caller informed the 911 operator, “I have my two babies in the car.” She acknowledged the truck’s bullet hole before identifying the suspect car as a silver Subaru. The woman said, “They (the suspect) kind of slapped on their brakes and slowed way down as soon as they impacted the car.”

“I’m a Michigan native. The caller said, “I’m just trying to get home. She continued by describing the culprit as “an older man in a red shirt,” who was White.

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On Monday at 5 o’clock, the incident took place on I-90 close to State Route (SR) 44 in Painesville. The Nissan pickup was moving slowly behind a silver Subaru when they suddenly came up to them, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Using the right lane, the pickup moved past the Subaru. The Subaru had reportedly hit the brakes “several times.”

The Subaru pulled into the right lane and caught up to the pickup truck after it had past it and moved back into the left lane. The pickup driver reported that the Subaru driver and the passenger in the front seat of the pickup had verbal and physical exchanges. The pickup truck’s right front fender, above the wheel well, was hit by a bullet fired from the Subaru.

The incident had no negative effects on any of the pickup truck’s four occupants. The Subaru’s driver has not yet been located or taken into custody. Call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 440-350-5620 if you have any information. The inquiry is still ongoing.