After Musk's Ultimatum, Twitter Employees Film a Countdown to Firing.

After Musk’s Ultimatum, Twitter Employees Film a Countdown to Firing

After some Twitter workers in Boston declined to join Elon Musk’s “hardcore” Twitter, they recorded a countdown to their termination. Last week, Mr Musk gave Twitter employees until Thursday at 5 p.m. to either commit to a “very hardline” version of the company or reject it and depart. Following the request, about 1,200 staff quit, forcing Twitter to close its operations until Monday.

Former Twitter employees Matt Miller and his coworkers have since recorded a viral video in which they clock down to their termination. In the lead-up to losing access to the company’s portals, the group kept a countdown a la the new year. It’s been a ride, Mr Miller captioned the tweet on Twitter.

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In the video, which was taken on Thursday shortly after 5 p.m., the workers can be heard saying, “30 seconds left – 35 seconds.” The footage showed Mr Miller and four other people huddling close in an empty office, with a luminous “Love Where You Work” sign in the distance.

“Everyone in this room is about to lose our jobs at Twitter. I’ve now been around for nine years and nine months, “said Mr Miller. Then he even inquired about the length of their tenure at the company from other former workers. One man claimed to have worked at Twitter for nearly nine years, while another claimed to have done so for only four years and two months.

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Another ex-employee responded, “Nine years and a month.” On camera, Mr Miller wishes everyone a happy new year. Another worker remarked, “Let’s try the badges,” referring to the security badges that grant them entry to the building.

As users hurried to post “final tweets” and farewell messages after the colossal exodus, hashtags including RIP Twitter, Damn Twitter, and Twitter HQ began to trend on the website. The “Chief Twit” didn’t appear to be concerned, even in the face of the most recent development in the long story of Twitter under Mr Musk’s authority. On Friday, Mr Musk wrote, “The best folks are staying, so I’m not too worried.”

Since the internet mogul gained control of Twitter last month, he has let go of a work-from-home policy, imposed lengthy hours, and fired nearly 50% of the workers. His efforts to modernise user authentication with a contentious subscription service have also resulted in a flood of fraudulent accounts and caused big advertisers to leave the network. But despite everything, Mr Musk keeps repeating that Twitter usage is at an all-time high.