Alex Jones Says He Can Pay 1% of Sandy Hook Verdicts

Alex Jones Says He Can Pay 1% of Sandy Hook Verdicts

Reuters reported that InfoWars host Alex Jones, who made fun of Sandy Hook victim families and vowed they would never receive compensation, claimed on Wednesday that he only has less than 1% of what he owes them.

Jones claimed in a court document presented to a Houston court on Wednesday that presenting the $1.5 billion he was required to pay the families of elementary school children slain in the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 would be “functionally impossible.”

According to Reuters, the conspiracy theorist claimed that he had less than $12 million of the total ordered and asked for additional time to complete financial records because his funds were “rather confused.” Jones was forced to pay the damages to the relatives of the Sandy Hook victims following a series of defamation proceedings this year.

The conspiracy theorist responded with laughter and skepticism to the most recent conviction in October when a Connecticut jury ordered Jones to pay family almost $1 billion in damages. According to NBC News correspondent Brandy Zadrozny, he asked viewers during the live broadcast of the verdict, “Do these individuals truly think they’re getting any of this money?”

Free Speech Systems, the parent business of InfoWars, filed for bankruptcy over the summer, and Jones himself filed for bankruptcy last month in a Texas court document. A counsel for the Sandy Hook family questioned whether Jones was lying about his financial situation during the first hearing of Jones’ bankruptcy in court on Wednesday.

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David Zelinsky reportedly stated, “We’re here because Mr. Jones’s stock in trade is lies, not the truth,” according to Reuters. Jones wasn’t there, but his lawyer Vickie Driver was. The driver didn’t reply to Insider’s request for comment right away.

The conspiracy theorist spent years spreading untrue claims about the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults. He insisted repeatedly that it was a government fabrication intended to restrict access to firearms. Jones, who has continued to appear on InfoWars despite his legal issues, has been asking his audience for cash donations.